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Exhibition Guide



Exhibitors' Clause



Thank you for your consistent support for Keqiao Textile Expo! 2022 Keqiao Textile Expo (autumn), Shaoxing China will be held in Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center in early November. We sincerely expect your attendance.
Exhibitors in last fair
Exhibiting Time
November 04-07, 2023
Opening Time
9:00-17:00, November 04, 2023
9:00-17:00, November 05, 2023
9:00-17:00, November 06, 2023
9:00-13:00, November 07, 2023

186 days

to Keqiao Expo

  • Time:
    November 4-7,2023
  • Venue:
    Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center
  • Profile:
    Textile Fabrics, Textile Machinery, Textile Accessories Raw Materials, Home Textiles, Creative Design
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